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Selling a Home Now – not in Six Months

Wanting to sell your home?  Were you ready to sell your home in Twin Falls months before the pandemic?  Has it crossed your mind to postpone?   DON’T postpone!!  We’re here to help you get your home on the market for the best price possible. Once we have estimated the value of your home you may want to take another step further to getting that for sale sign in front of your home. Understanding how to price your home and knowing whether or not your home is holding its value are discussions you should be having with the right real estate company.

Before we discuss more of the intricacies of selling a home, allow us to explain a little about the current real estate climate.  Covid-19 has caused some economic uncertainty.  While the real estate market has stayed close to immune to market volatility, we can help you sell your home now before any potential unexpected dips in the market.  

Here’s the good news:  Housing inventory is at a nationwide low. This is good news for you – the seller – because there are fewer homes on the market for buyers to look at. Because of this, experts have said that homes are being sold now at the highest they have seen in over a decade, paired with incredible interest rates, is why you should continue to entertain selling your home!  It is seller’s paradise!!


If you are reading this, you have probably already come to the conclusion to sell your home.  We do not need to go over pros and cons of putting a house on the market.  What we want to focus on today is the how.  Specifically, we’ll talk about the two biggest tips to sell your home fast.  


While this probably goes without saying, we cannot discuss selling a home without mentioning how important preparation is.  Though we recommend skipping the big projects in order to get the house up for sale sooner, any minor repairs, decluttering, and cleaning will go a long way.  


Most of your selling success will come down to your real estate agent.  Especially in this uncertain climate, it is critical your agent is an expert.  At Magic Valley Realty Group, we can help.  We have an experienced team to advise, guide, and sell to exceed your expectations.  While all of our agents understand the intricacies that accompany selling a home, they also are aware of the urgency of the market.  We are equipped to have your home sold now — so why wait?  Give us a call, and we can get you started.